appleVpnConfiguration resource type

Note: Using the Microsoft Graph APIs to configure Intune controls and policies still requires that the Intune service is correctly licensed by the customer.

Apple VPN configuration profile.

Inherits from deviceConfiguration


Method Return Type Description
List appleVpnConfigurations appleVpnConfiguration collection List properties and relationships of the appleVpnConfiguration objects.
Get appleVpnConfiguration appleVpnConfiguration Read properties and relationships of the appleVpnConfiguration object.
List deviceConfigurationGroupAssignments deviceConfigurationGroupAssignment collection Get the deviceConfigurationGroupAssignments from the groupAssignments navigation property.
List deviceConfigurationDeviceStatuses deviceConfigurationDeviceStatus collection Get the deviceConfigurationDeviceStatuses from the deviceStatuses navigation property.
List deviceConfigurationUserStatuses deviceConfigurationUserStatus collection Get the deviceConfigurationUserStatuses from the userStatuses navigation property.
Get deviceConfigurationDeviceOverview deviceConfigurationDeviceOverview Get the deviceConfigurationDeviceOverview from the deviceStatusOverview navigation property.


Property Type Description
id String Key of the entity. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
lastModifiedDateTime DateTimeOffset DateTime the object was last modified. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
createdDateTime DateTimeOffset DateTime the object was created. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
description String Admin provided description of the Device Configuration. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
displayName String Admin provided name of the device configuration. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
version Int32 Version of the device configuration. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
connectionName String Connection name displayed to the user.
connectionType String Connection type. Possible values are: ciscoAnyConnect, pulseSecure, f5EdgeClient, dellSonicWallMobileConnect, checkPointCapsuleVpn, customVpn, ciscoIPSec, citrix.
loginGroupOrDomain String Login group or domain when connection type is set to Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connection.
role String Role when connection type is set to Pulse Secure.
realm String Realm when connection type is set to Pulse Secure.
server vpnServer VPN Server on the network. Make sure end users can access this network location.
identifier String Identifier provided by VPN vendor when connection type is set to Custom VPN. For example: Cisco AnyConnect uses an identifier of the form
customData keyValue collection Custom data when connection type is set to Custom VPN. Use this field to enable functionality not supported by Intune, but available in your VPN solution. Contact your VPN vendor to learn how to add these key/value pairs.
enableSplitTunneling Boolean Send all network traffic through VPN.
authenticationMethod String Authentication method for this VPN connection. Possible values are: certificate, usernameAndPassword.
enablePerApp Boolean Setting this to true creates Per-App VPN payload which can later be associated with Apps that can trigger this VPN conneciton on the end user's iOS device.
safariDomains String collection Safari domains when this VPN per App setting is enabled. In addition to the apps associated with this VPN, Safari domains specified here will also be able to trigger this VPN connection.
onDemandRules vpnOnDemandRule collection On-Demand Rules
proxyServer vpnProxyServer Proxy Server.


Relationship Type Description
groupAssignments deviceConfigurationGroupAssignment collection The list of group assignments for the device configuration profile. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
deviceStatuses deviceConfigurationDeviceStatus collection Device configuration installation stauts by device. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
userStatuses deviceConfigurationUserStatus collection Device configuration installation stauts by user. Inherited from deviceConfiguration
deviceStatusOverview deviceConfigurationDeviceOverview Device Configuration devices status overview Inherited from deviceConfiguration

JSON Representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.appleVpnConfiguration",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "lastModifiedDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "createdDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "description": "String",
  "displayName": "String",
  "version": 1024,
  "connectionName": "String",
  "connectionType": "String",
  "loginGroupOrDomain": "String",
  "role": "String",
  "realm": "String",
  "server": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.vpnServer",
    "description": "String",
    "ipAddressOrFqdn": "String",
    "isDefaultServer": true
  "identifier": "String",
  "customData": [
      "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.keyValue",
      "key": "String",
      "value": "String"
  "enableSplitTunneling": true,
  "authenticationMethod": "String",
  "enablePerApp": true,
  "safariDomains": [
  "onDemandRules": [
      "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.vpnOnDemandRule",
      "ssids": [
      "dnsSearchDomains": [
      "probeUrl": "String",
      "action": "String",
      "domainAction": "String",
      "domains": [
      "probeRequiredUrl": "String"
  "proxyServer": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.vpnProxyServer",
    "automaticConfigurationScriptUrl": "String",
    "address": "String",
    "port": 1024